Mortar Lite with Worker


Half the Weight, Twice the Volume

Mortarlite™ is a patented lightweight roof tile bedding mortar that is both strong and versatile. Developed specifically for roof contractors it is certified to a Type M Rating and weighs only half that of standard cement and sand mortar mixes. Pre-mixed ensures a consistency of quality across all your jobs.

It produces twice the volume of traditional sand/mortar mixes to give you more mud per kilo that keeps you on the roof longer; completing the job. Highly versatile it can be re-tempered should it dry out and retain it's original consistency. All intended to make your job faster and easier. Mortarlite conforms to the bedding mortar requirements specified in AS 2005-2002 'installation of roof tiles'

Ideal roof ridge preparation with Mortar Lite


Special lightweight formula which is ideal for structural preparation of bedding, valleys and ridges prior to pointing and the defining completion.

It is also ideal for structural repairs to cement, terracotta or clay tile roofs prior to a defining new topcoat of colour.

Mortar Lite 50% lighter


10" Trowel of Mortarlite™ will only weigh half that of a trowel of sanded mortar. Less weight on the roof and safer for workers.

Applicator friendly with great coverage from less product limits the potential for weight bearing injuries while eliminating hauling and handling of heavy bags.

Mortar Lite with greater holding capacity

Water Holding

Mortarlite™ has increased water holding capacity over traditional sanded mortar mixes. Slower dry out to improve bonding capacity and enables an increased application flexibility over the restraits of mortar drying out.

Mortarlite™ can also be re-tempered to increase the mixes suitability should it dry out without detrimental effects.

Over Twice The Coverage

Mortarlite™ uses lightweight aggregate rather than sand. It produces over the same wet coverage from a mixed 10 kg bag as you get from 20 kg of a typical roof tile mortar sand blended mix.

To fill an entire 20 L pail with either type of mortar requires the following weight of material.

Mortarlite™ Lightweight Roof Tile Mix


Premixed Roof Tile Mortar Sand and Cement


Traditional Sand and Cement Mortar Mix


Premix – Just Add Water

Assured Quality

Uniform factory blended premix ensures consistency of mix and consistency of performance from job to job. A level of quality that lets you stand behind your work.

Mortarlite™ comes packed in plastic bags to ensure it remains in peak condition protected from moisture. Even if you have it in the back of the ute and a few drop of rain threaten, you can be comfortable that your Mortarlite™ will remain dry.

Mortar Lite Step 1 add water


First add 4 Litres of potable water into a clean 20 Litre pail.

Mortar Lite Step 2 activate mixer


When using a concrete mixer or hand drill mixer, ensure mixer is turning.

Mortar Lite Step 3 add half of bag


Add half the Mortarlite™ bag (5 kg) and mix until a homogenous and good working consistency is achieved.

Mortar Lite Step 3 add half of bag


Add the balance (5 kg) of the Mortarlite™ bag and remaining 2.5 Litres of water as necessary to build up the consistency. Mix for a minium of five minutes. Makes approximately 18.5 Litres.

Mortar Lite Step 3 add half of bag


When properly mixed Mortarlite™ appears slightly wetter than sand and cement mixes. Allow to sit for approximately 5 minutes before using.

Where To Buy?

Mortarlite™ is distributed through various stores across Australia and New Zealand and new stockists are frequently coming on board.

Find a list of distributors who currently stock Mortarlite™.

Should your local supplier not yet be a distributor then please inform them of our contact page and we will discuss with them how we can both serve you better.

Where to Buy? Interested in Becoming a Reseller
Roof ridges being repaired with Mortar Lite

Saving You Money

With many benefits Mortarlite™ is a roof tile mortar that saves you money in the form of time savings, efficiency of application and reduced expenditure.

Mortarlite™ is more economical to purchase than standard cement and sand mixes or premixed cement variations. It is available in easy to handle 10 kg bags that provide almost twice the coverage of the equivalent of a sand mortar premix 18 kg bag.

Application efficiency also benefits the applicator with a wetter mix that dries slower to allow extending working time and more precise work. Even if you are interupted and a mix gets drier then Mortarlite™ can be re-tempered to allow it to reconstitute it's easy workability.

There is also less wastage as an easily made premix can be made in smaller quantites to create the precise amount to complete the job and retain the unused portion for the next job.

All these attributes combine to allow you to work better, easier and faster.

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